We often get questions about UI customization of the RootCause popup dialogs. In this post we’ll show you just how easy it is to customize the colors and texts with a few parameters. Let’s get started!

Customizing the feedback button

To customize the feedback button, you put the config options in the showFeedbackButton object. Open its documentation to see all the configuration options:

If you want to localize the text for the Feedback button to Japanese, you can do so with the ‘text’ config:

Or maybe you just want colors to match your company profile, the simply change the colors with the following configs:

Now the feedback button looks like this:

To see all available config options, please refer to the documentation.

Customizing the confirmation dialog

The confirmation dialog is shown (if enabled) when an error happens to allow a user to decide if the error data should be logged. The dialog styles can be modified according to your needs. If you open the documentation, you see the available configuration options. Let’s change a few properties, add a custom header/intro text and a gray header/button color:

Results in the following:

Do you have any additional customization needs not met by our current API? Please let us know and we’ll do our best to support you. Happy customization!

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