Recently we received a few requests for handling offline errors, and today we’re announcing that this feature has landed in RootCause.

You can now setup RootCause to capture javascript errors that happen while the browser is disconnected. Most applications don’t have to function in offline mode. Other applications are built specifically for environments that have sporadic or no network (mine workers, oil platforms or other remote areas). For these cases we have introduced a new flag supportOffline : true. Here’s a sample of setting up your RootCause script with this support enabled:

When enabled, video sessions and errors are captured and stored in LocalStorage and if the session cannot be logged, RootCause will retry whenever the network is available again. A neat thing is that the user can reload the page, and our client will retry sending the error until it succeeds (for at most a week).

Try the offline mode support

This feature is available to all our paid plans. Feel free to try this feature in our new Offline Demo. After loading the page, use any method to go offline – turn off your wifi or choose the ‘Offline Mode’ in Chrome Developer Tools. When you are online again – the error will be sent to our server and appear in within a minute.

We hope you’ll like the offline support and please let us know if you have any other nice ideas of future features.

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