Tired of chasing users for answers?

RootCause is a full featured web application monitoring and debugging toolkit. It offers you everything you need to reproduce bugs without asking the "How did you..?" questions to your customers. Here's what it can do for you:

Stack Trace

Annotated stack trace with links allowing you to jump straight to file and line (source maps supported). A must-have feature in any error monitoring tool.

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Screenshot with crosshair

Along with the error report you will receive an annotated screenshot with a crosshair showing the coordinate of the last user interaction.

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Video recording

Record a video of the user session and you will be able to see exactly what the user did on your web pages and quickly see the origin of a bug. Variable playback speed and interactive playhead.

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Live Replay

With our Live Replay feature, you can replay all the user actions in a session and reproduce errors live in your browser. Just open the Replay Studio and hit Play for truly stress free debugging.

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Capture function arguments

How could that function crash..? Using our arguments capturing support, you can collect arguments passed to the crashing function.

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Feedback button

With the Feedback button you can easily collect feature requests as well as “soft errors” that annoy your users – such as visual/UX/layout bugs.

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Filterable timeline of events

Looking for details? Browse through all the events that occurred in a session, and use the filters to quickly find the event you are looking for.

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Integrations & Notifications

Integrations available for Jira, GitHub and Slack. Get notified via email or push to your Slack channels to always be updated when errors happen on your website.

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