As you start using error logging tools in your production environment for the first time, you probably see a bunch of errors that you didn’t know about. If you have a large application, the number of error reports can be substantial. To be able to categorize your errors, RootCause supports adding tags to a report. This makes it easier for you to sort through big amounts of different errors reports.

Adding tags to your error report

You can add tags in a few different ways. First of all you can add them when creating the logger instance:

But you can also add tags programmatically, for example just before the error data is sent. At this point, you can for instance analyze the stack trace to see which file/module the error comes from and then tag the error accordingly. We use this ourselves to distinguish between framework bugs and our own application bugs.

Filtering by tag in the RootCause dashboard

When your error reports are annotated with tags, you can easily filter the error list to match a certain tag. When you have the error details page open, simply click on the tag text.

When clicking the tag the error list is opened with the relevant tag filter applied as seen below.

We hope you’ll find the tagging feature as useful as we find it, happy tagging!

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