Exporting RootCause Errors to Jira

Jira is the largest issue tracking and project management software. This is why we have an export option to bring RootCause error reports over to Jira easily. This feature is currently available in our Business and Enterprise plans. Enable the … Continue Reading

GDPR – Terms of Service Updated

As part of our commitment to the new GDPR legislation, we have now updated our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service. We have also added a Data Processing Agreement describing how we process personal data when you use RootCause. … Continue Reading

Using Source Maps in RootCause

We are happy to report that we recently added support for source maps in RootCause. This means you can now see the original file in which an error happened, and not have to look through huge compressed / minified files … Continue Reading

RootCause feature plans updated

We have worked hard the past six months to add the most vital debugging features to RootCause. The unique set of capabilities will help you monitor, reproduce and fix bugs in your web applications with very little effort. In case … Continue Reading

Finding The Errors That Matter With Tags